Italian Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Machines


Video presentation at the DIN Day: doctorates of national interest.

The central objective of the DRIM Ph.D. course is to attract the best candidates from both Italy and abroad. DRIM will pursue the achievement of this objective at all levels to overcome the limitations encountered so far in the doctoral courses organized by individual universities.

The specific objectives of the DRIM Doctorate are:

  • To propose curricula of studies and research topics of scientific relevance and impact at an international level, in the particularly fertile research fields at the intersection of different disciplines;
  • To pursue a constant and close connection with companies whose innovation problems will inspire research;
  • To offer students the opportunity to carry out training and research activities by choosing supervisors and teachers among the best Italian experts;
  • To encourage the mobility of doctoral students between DRIM host institutions, with extended mobility periods at other universities, research institutions, and companies;
  • To allow students to adapt the duration of their studies according to their specific training and research needs to produce a doctoral thesis in line with the best international standards;
  • To manage the calls for admission to the Ph.D. course in an agile way, with multiple calls differentiated by Ph.D. curriculum and by type of scholarship offered, distributed along the year to favor funding and access opportunities to the doctorate, minimizing the waiting time of the candidates that graduate during the year.