Italian Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Machines


The DRIM Ph.D. course includes the following organizational structure:


The DRIM coordination is a full or associate professor belonging to the DRIM’s Administrative Headquarters on the proposal of the Teaching Board. The Coordinator is supported in their functions by the Secretariat of the Doctorate.

Deputy Coordinator

The deputy coordinator belongs to the DRIM’s Administrative Headquarters and is nominated by the Coordinator as a proxy to sign for the Coordinator if the latter is temporarily unable to carry out their functions.

Secretariat of the Doctorate

The Secretariat of the Doctorate is based at the Administrative Office of the DRIM’s Administrative Headquarters. It supports the Coordinator in economic and financial management and communications with students.

Teaching Board

The Teaching Board is responsible for designing and implementing the Ph.D. course and establishing its educational and scientific directions. As far as possible, it is composed to ensure a gender balance, representatives of all universities and research institutions, and all scientific areas.

Curriculum Coordinators

Three Curriculum coordinators are associated with each Ph.D. curriculum and manage the students belonging to that curriculum.

Host Institution contact persons

Each host institution appoints a contact person who acts as a contact and support person for students concerning practical and organizational issues.

Operational Board

The Teaching Board can appoint an Operational Board made up of the Curriculum Coordinators and the DRIM Coordinator, defining any required delegations.

Didactic Board

The Teaching Board can appoint a Didactic Board to organize and harmonize the educational activities offered by the Ph.D. course.

Other boards and delegates

The Teaching Board can appoint boards or delegates to manage relations with companies, internationalization, or other specific and well-identified tasks.